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James Grabinski & Michael John Smith

2256 26th Ave. South
St Cloud, MN 56301


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Our Travels from around the World


“Every time I listen to Jim and Mike talk about one of their trips - I feel like I've taken a vacation myself! They share some truly amazing photos, videos and fun facts - mixed with lots of humor. I can hardly wait until the next country.”

- Ruth H.


“Pour up that cup of coffee, settle back and let Travel Talkin take you to far away places, on grand adventures.”

- Laura H. Director,
Whitney Sr. Center


“Mike and Jim share their adventures with exciting stories, beautiful pictures and a hilarious sense of humor. This is entertainment at its finest!

Discover the wonders of the world with Travel Talkin'! Learn about other cultures, see incredible sights, and experience grand adventure, all by simply driving across town. ”

- Angie T. Program Coordinator, Whitney Sr. Center

Photo & Media Gallery

At Travel Talkin' we invite you to take a visual tour through a small glimpse of our travels.